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Well hello!

Let’s start with a proper introduction, shall we? My name is Jesse Le Gras, situated in Amsterdam, mid-twenties and if I may say so myself, a nice guy. You have found yourself on my portfolio, welcome!

Here you’ll find a mix of artwork and digital projects I’ve recently been working on.

My main focus lays in creative concepting for interactive media, actively including the design skills that I possess. To me, concepting is like writing a story: there should be a beginning, middle and (preferably) a happy end. It is up to me to create stories that can be easily understood. Otherwise these stories will be left on the shelf, untouched.

So, if you feel like writing a bestseller together, let me know here. For my work, start here.

Thanks for your time. Don’t be a stranger.



Fixers Ibiza for Playboy

For Fixers Ibiza, a full service, production company based on Ibiza, I created an ad for the […]

Book cover

I was given the task to create a cover for a book written for childeren. The book, […]


Mumbels is a concept created to help the user easily manage there appointments and events on certain […]

Plays in the City

Plays in the city is a free application for the iPhone. Rules of basic, offline games are […]

Boekenbubbel (Bookbubble)

Boekenbubbel is a concept that I came up with to stimulate reading for kids in the age […]

Reward Badges

Cliq Digital wanted to reward their programmers/developers by acknowledging their achievements. The reward resulted in different badges […]

Friday Posters

Every Friday a designer at my current job is be responsible for creating a friday poster. The […]




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